Peter Wood Productions

When Peter Wood Productions began working with the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo, most of their background music (or "atmosphere audio") was running on CD systems. With the availability of Compact Flash-based audio repeating systems, these atmosphere areas have gotten a tremendous overhaul. Not only does the flash media solution have no moving parts (meaning a longer life), but the option to add a new level of guest interaction is possible.

Peter Wood Productions services about a dozen atmosphere audio units throughout the park, many of which include pushbutton kiosks where guests can learn more about the exhibit before them. This furthers the zoo's goal of guest interaction, and greatly enhances the themeing of the various areas, as well.

Because Peter Wood Productions is able to offer voice-over and audio production services under one roof, they've overseen all aspects of the systems: from initial installation and speaker placement, to continued seasonal updates and maintenance.


Below: Each atmosphere audio unit is housed in a case similar to the one pictured below, which can be disconnected easily at the end of each season and stored in indoors. The units are weather resistant, but are always housed away from direct rain or snow.

Compact Flash-based audio system enclosure

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