Peter Wood Productions

Magic Performances:

Peter is the owner and chief magician of Maryland-based Shazam Magic, founded in 1994. For more information, visit Shazam Magic's official website here:

Shazam Magic

Magic Consultation:

In addition to his role onstage, Peter has provided magical consultation and design for numerous stage, themed attraction, and film projects. For example:

Peter is available for magic consultation for theatrical productions, independent films, or live attractions. While based out of the Maryland area, his services can be rendered through conference calls and the Internet, or he can travel to your location if the situation calls for it.

Case Studies:

Lucky Charm (film) - A drawer opens on its own, a coin rolls through a crowded subway station, and a locked safe creaks open as if by magic

The Lost Leprechaun (ride-through attraction) - An actor warps and explodes into a rainbow, and an angry leprechaun is on the loose, courtesy of special audio and lighting effects

The Wiz (stage) - The title character shoots fireballs across the stage, a clumsy matriarch performs magic tricks, and an evil queen melts into a smoking puddle