Peter Wood Productions

Themed Attraction Services:

Combining his interest in technical elements and the theatre, Peter Wood offers services as a themed attraction consultant, designer, and fabricator. Whether it's for a permanent installation, or a temporary seasonal attraction, Peter's services can be utilized to make your project a success.

Based out of the Maryland area, his services can be rendered through conference calls and the Internet, or Peter can travel to your location if the situation calls for it. Contact him today to discuss how he can help make your themed attraction a reality.

Peter's Experience Includes:

Case Studies:

The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo - Ride-through safari attraction, atmosphere audio systems, automated park-wide PA system, and stage show improvements

The Search for Haunted Treasure (ride-through attraction) - Custom soundtrack with on-board audio effects, themed set and prop creation, and outdoor lighting effects

The Lost Leprechaun (ride-through attraction) - Automated multi-sensory preshow, solid state in-tram audio, custom prop fabrication, and custom video production and projection